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Three in one flame recombiner double fire exhaust flame recombiner

Three in one flame recombiner double fire exhaust flame recombiner

Flame laminating machine is used to composite thermoplastic materials (such as sponges made of polyester, polyether, polyethylene or other sticky films as well as textiles, PVC films, artificial leather, non-woven fabrics or other materials) with other materials after rapid flame combustion of sponge surface. Through two sets of fire exhaust, three layers of materials can be compounded at the same time. The bonding principle is that the sponge is quickly burned and melted by a linear gas burner, and the sponge produces a viscous film. The sponge and the upper fabric and lining cloth will be bonded together when they pass through the bonding gap between the rollers. Imported or domestic brands can be selected for the burner.
1. The sponge body is used as the bonding material, which is melted and bonded with other materials by flame spraying. The other two materials can also be melted and fused by sponge. It is especially suitable for the combination of plush and suede. It has the advantages of strong integrity, good hand feeling, water resistance and dry cleaning.
2. Equipped with unwinding, feeding and automatic edge alignment device, suitable for mass production; constant tension suspension cooling system ensures the composite quality.

3. Double burner and three in one composite are completed at one time.


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